Massage & Yoga

To make an appointment call: 540-250-3668 Please fill out intake form upon booking prior to appointment so we can best prepare for your visit to Nourish Wellness Path.

Swedish Massage Therapy

60 Min/$100

90 Min/$125


Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

60 Min/$100

90 Min/$145

120 Min/$180

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

60 Min/$100

90 Min/$155

120 Min/$200

Private Yoga Therapy or Add On to Massage

30 Min/$40

60 Min/$80

90 Min/$100

Therapeutic Focus Therapy

60 Min/$100

We care about wellness in our community!

Nourish Wellness Path has reserved a limited number of session slots each week for individuals whose financial situation requires a reduced rate. Please contact us so we can discuss available options and get you started on your path to wellness.

Policies & Procedures:

Our listed procedures, policies, as well as terms and conditions, are for the benefit of the customer as well as our staff. Enjoy your visit!

Arrival & Departure:

Please allow yourself enough time to check in to your appointment by arriving 10 minutes in advance so that your goals can be discussed and your appointment time can be fully utilized by our therapists. All treatments will end upon their scheduled time to be fair to our scheduled guests.

Please enter and exit your appointments quietly as a courtesy to our guests and staff members. Please limit cell phone use to outside only when possible.

Late Policy:

Please note that late or delayed arrivals may result in an appointment time reduction and will not be available for full/partial refunds. Our therapists may have the time to accommodate your full appointment, at his or her own discretion, however this cannot be guaranteed due to various factors including but not limited to scheduling conflicts.

A 15 minute grace period will be issued before your appointment will be cancelled and charged to the debit/credit on file. (Be early!)

Last minute modifications to appointments are made at the sole discretion of management.

Cancellations & Missed Appointments:

Please provide 12 hours minimum notice if you or your party is unable to make it to your scheduled reservation(s). If appointment is missed without notice, we charge 50% of your reservation price to the debit/credit card on file. If there is no card on file you will be billed for our therapists missed/lost wages. There will be no refunds or partial refunds for missed or cancelled appointments as our therapists have booked time off of their schedules to accommodate said reserved booking(s). We appreciate your understanding with us on this matter.

On Site Policies:

Service guests 18 and up only unless accompanied by an adult. Please silence your cell phones and keep your voices at a minimum as a courtesy to our guests. Management at it’s sole discretion, has the right to refuse services to anyone, for any reason.

All prices and service menu items subject to change without notice.