Is your plant collection ready to Flourish?

Plant information, wellness instructions, and best practices for your plant collection.

Flourish Plant Care

Most plants can follow the same general watering rule—If you stick your finger in the soil, it’s time to water when it’s dry past your second knuckle. As always, we recommend waiting a few weeks before repotting new plants to allow for acclimation to a new environment with minimal stressors. Plants will put more energy towards pushing out new growth if the roots are slightly bound. Avoid up-sizing by more than about an inch or so after your plant has outgrown its pot.

Here’s a diagram to help illustrate indoor lighting conditions:

Philodendron hederaceum “Brasil”

Bright Indirect Light – Occasional Waterings – Well-draining Soil

This vining plant will quite literally reach for the sun! Water when the soil is dry up to the second knuckle when you stick your finger in. Let vining Philodendrons become slightly pot-bound if possible to encourage foliage growth.

Philodendron hederaceum “Neon”

Bright Indirect Light – Occasional Waterings – Well-draining Soil

Similar to the “Brasil,” this vining Philodendron likes ample light and water when the top 2 inches of soil are dry. The leaves will curl and droop if this plant is ready for water before you get to it, but will bounce back after a thorough watering.

Chlorophytum comosum “Green Spider Plant”

Medium/Low Indirect Light – Occasional Waterings – Well-draining Soil

An air-cleaning champ, these plants can tolerate slightly lower light conditions than most, and require less water accordingly. A great plant for beginners.

Beaucarnea recurvata “Ponytail Palm”

Bright Indirect light – Infrequent Waterings – Well-draining Soil

More closely related to desert plants like Agave or Cacti, this Mexico native prefers lots of light and minimal water. The Ponytail Palm needs a well-draining pot and soil mix, and should be kept potted with about an inch between the trunk and the edge of the pot. Recommended for pet-owners, as it is non-toxic.

Schefflera arboricola “Variegated Umbrella Tree”

Bright Indirect Light – Infrequent Waterings – Well-draining Soil

Seemingly a fan of neglect, these guys should grow well as long as you water them just before their soil gets completely dry. Keep them near a window to encourage variegation, but out of harsh, direct light that may burn the leaves.

Peperomia serpens “Vining Peperomia”

Medium Indirect light – Occasional Waterings – Well-draining Soil

These plants love the gentler morning light from an East-facing window and a thorough watering after the top few inches dry out. Regular prunings will produce a plant that appears bushier rather than vining.

Ficus Elastica “Rubber Tree”

Bright Indirect Light – Occasional Waterings – Well-draining Soil

Rubber Trees like a lot of light but will need protection from harsh afternoon light that may scald their shiny leaves. Allow the top 2 inches of soil out dry between waterings. These guys love being allowed to get pot-bound.