Thea Vincenti- LMT Founder at Nourish Wellness Path

When Thea founded NOURISH in December 2019, she fulfilled a lifelong dream of opening a premier massage and yoga boutique. Her love of healing began at a young age when she learned how to calm the aching of her mom’s feet when she got home from work. With the encouragement of her mom and her friends who recognized her soothing talents, Thea went to the Blue Ridge School of Massage & Yoga. 

Obtaining her massage license was just the beginning. Twenty years later, she has over 1,000 hours of teacher training in a wide ranging array of the healing arts and an assortment of yoga disciplines to accompany her experience. Thea specializes in the Lymphatic system and is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and is Oncology Care Certified.

Through her work as a massage therapist and as a yoga teacher, Thea guides her students and clients through a journey of deep discovery where the truest gift of life is revealed: feeling connected to self and to the present moment.